PRECISE is recognized as the industry pioneer of sub surface laser etching of high quality crystals. With this unique, exclusive and amazing laser process, PRECISE is able to produce sensational 2D and 3D portraits, trophies, awards, corporate gifts and mementos, all laser etched into precious optic crystal.

Our revolutionary technology does not infuse any foreign materials into the crystal during the laser process. Only by our method can an image of beauty, clarity and detail be preserved in crystal for centuries to come.

With our state-of-the-art equipment manufactured for PRECISE in Germany we produce sensational laser engraved 2D and 3D portraits, trophies, awards, corporate gifts and mementos made of precious high-quality optical crystal. We are well known for our German expertise in quality, service and speed. For further information download our full company profile or contact us directly! info@preciseme.com
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