Big Squirt

Big Squirt!® Portable Fill Stations launched at DEAL 2010

Inventor and business entrepreneur Mr Joel M Schafer, President Big Squirt!® Inc joined Lothar Hohmann, Managing Director PRECISE at the 16th Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Show (DEAL ) this week, to promote developments in the award winning water toy, Big Squirt!® to the leisure industry in the Middle East.

Since its invention in California over 20 years ago, the water squirt toy, Big Squirt!® has brought fun to millions of kids, large and small.

Commented Mr Schafer: “Thanks to our regional Middle East partner, PRECISE, outside the USA, the GCC now represents the largest and fastest growing market with 75% of all international sales of Big Squirt!® originating from the region. Big Squirt!® can be found in many water and amusement parks around the world, but feedback and enquiries from visitors to the Middle East account for our greatest leads and sales.

PRECISE and suggestions from our customers in Dubai have also initiated our latest innovation: Big Squirt!® Spray Station – portable units that will be available for rental to entertain at children’s parties and teenage games. We will be launching the rental programme in the Middle East and USA simultaneously in the next few weeks, with units available in the UAE though our local partner, PRECISE.

Whilst we experienced a world-wide decline in sales during 2009, in line with declining numbers of visitors to amusement parks, the Middle East has seen a dramatic increase in enquiries during the last two months – with sales approaching those experienced before the crisis. We are confident that with the latest innovation for ‘home entertainment use’ sales of Big Squirt!® during 2010 will easily surpass all previous years.”

Commented Mr Hohmann, MD PRECISE: “we are delighted to have seen such successful growth for Big Squirt!® in the region during the past 12 months, and are looking forward to the launch of the new, innovative portable rental units; these will be delivered to the venue as a complete set, with portable Fill Station and Big Squirt products for all guests. Guests will keep the Big Squirt!® as the ‘party favour’ and return only the Fill Station, making this an ideal and cost effective entertainment idea for parties catering to kids of all ages. We anticipate that the launch of this new innovation, bringing water park fun to the back garden, will further enhance business growth in the region.”

PRECISE Concepts include Instant Skin®, Hot Lockz™, BodyArt by Airtoo® and Big Squirt!® promoted regionally to retail outlets and as turnkey solutions to resellers and distributors.

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